Most engines will deliver power through a rotary motion known as torque. The driveshaft is the carrier of this torque. A drive shaft needs to be
exceedingly strong to carry the engine torque to the place where the torque can be applied to some useful work – such as towing a trailer or accelerating. Often times, vibration and other noise in your vehicle can be a result of a driveshaft issue. A driveshaft specialist can properly diagnose the issue and replace a driveshaft if necessary at a lower cost to the customer than a typical mechanic. Our technicians specialize in a number of key industry sectors, including Agricultural, Automotive, Commercial, Industrial, and Marine.

Commercial Drive Shaft

DRIVELINE SHAFT CENTER (DLSC) will keep your truck’s wheels turning big or small with new or remand drive shafts. We build all shafts in-house with the top of the line parts and state of the art driveshaft balancers. We stock the major brands like: Spicer, CDT, AAM, powertrain and much more!

Industrial Drive Shaft

We rebuild or manufacturer new industrial drive shafts from small PTO shafts to large wing bearing shafts for oil rigs, printing press, amusement park rides, airline hydraulic equipment, farming, mining, waste water treatment plants, paper mills, irrigation systems, or any industrial/manufacturing needs.

Automotive Drive Shaft

We provide new, rebuilt, repair, and balancing of Automotive Drive Shafts, as well as, component parts for a variety of automotive. Building on the success of our Driveline Engine & Transmission Machine Shop LTD., we have grown to be a leader in Steel and Aluminum driveshaft’s for your High Performance Race Car, Van, Pick up, 4X4 Truck/ Off Road, Imports, Classic Cars, and many other motor vehicles. Our relentless attention to detail, not only in the selection of materials but also in the workmanship that goes into its construction, means it will perform best for you.

Marine Drive Shaft

We have the expertise to help you select the best power transmission solution for your vessel. From low angles with flex type style to constant velocity design for high angularity, we have the products that will fit your application. Marine power transmission can be complicated and we are very familiar with the convoluted nature of these propulsion systems. Whether it’s a new application or servicing an existing universal joint drive shaft, we stock the products you need and can assemble them for immediate shipment.

Our highly trained technicians and engineers take pride in finding solutions to your critical requirements. We also sell and service: Generator units, Marine engines, Transmissions, Brand Marine Drive Shaft components, & Accessories,
Sierra Mallory

Agricultural Drive Shaft

We have the best products and materials to meet all agricultural drive shaft needs. Shafts are custom-built or repaired. Agricultural Drive Shaft functions in the following: Hay Balers, Tractors, Brush hogs and other types of rotary mowers, Grain Mixers, Irrigation, Crop-Cutting/Gathering Units, Combines, Planters

We stock a wide variety of agricultural parts, which include: Implement Yokes, Quick-Disconnect Yokes, Collar Type Yokes, Pin Type Yokes, Key-way Type Yokes, Slip Sleeves, Yoke and Shaft Assemblies, Friction Clutches And More. Brand Agri Drive Shaft, Components, & Accessories, Eurocardan PTO shafts, clutches, tubes, yokes and any other accessories like Walterscheid, Bondioli & Pavesi, Comer,
Weasler, Neapco, Constant Velocity Head and more

Dynamic Balancing

At DRIVELINE SHAFT CENTER (DLSC) our ‘Hines’ Driveshaft Balancer utilizes rugged hard bearing suspension that gives high sensitivity and permanent calibration. Part set-up and balancer operation are streamlined with menu-driven screens. Part change over time is fast with Hines’ precision balanced chucks. Hines’ unique concrete base structure creates repeatability which has become an industry leader Shaft Balancing Machine.

Retube/ Lengthening

There is usually a cost saving by being able to just replace the tubing on a damaged driveshaft, but it is also important to identify the cause of the tubing failure. In most cases, the cause of failure is due to something coming in direct contact with the shaft. If the shaft is still in one piece and has not suffered so much damage that a correct measurement can be taken we can repair the driveline without bringing the complete vehicle into the shop. Shafts with tubing that is not the same diameter from one end to the other cannot be re-tubed. This is because the diameter of the tube at the weld yokes is not large enough to work correctly with the required length. Any time a shaft is retubed it should be balanced and have u-joints in new or like new condition.

Sean Lee

Owner & Operating Manager
Shawn Lee is Owner/ Operator, a Lead Automotive Technician (Red Seal Journeyman), and a Small Business Entrepreneur.

His extensive experience is with customer satisfaction through solving mechanical issues and repairs.

Specialty experience in rebuilt faulty assemblies, including steering systems and linkages; Servicing brakes and fuel systems. Repair and replace belts, hoses and steering systems; Execute all phases of power system tear down and repair. Operate pneumatic tools and air compressors. Remove and replaced tires, shocks, struts and brakes. Overhauled and repaired engines and motors.

As shareholder Shawn contributes to repeat and referral business by using strong customer service and problem solving skills.